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3 min readMay 10, 2021


By Gina Briganti

Let’s start off with a definition of what an affirmation is so that we’re all thinking of the same thing. Simply put, an affirmation is a positive statement you repeat to yourself.

The “Father Of Affirmations” is considered by some to be a French psychologist and pharmacist named Emile Coue. In the early 20th century he noticed that when he told patients that a potion was effective when he gave it to them, they had better results than if he said nothing. Source: Talented Ladies Club. Click here to read the full article.

So why do affirmations work? They work because…

1. You can repeat them as little or as much as you want or need to.

2. They are confidence builders. When you repeat positive statements to yourself, you look, think, and act in a different way. In other words, you change from the inside out.

3. Proof. I have seen them come true in my own life and other’s lives.

4. They have passed the test of time and have arguably been around since the first person looked into reflective water and told themselves what was going to happen. This could also be called self-fulfilling prophecy or self-determinism.

5. Easy or detailed. It’s not one size fits all, like you. If you like easy, you can make your affirmation practice simple. If you’re motivated by more detailed processes, you can empower your affirmations with a multi-step practice.

6. Speed. Affirmations are usually short statements, so even on the busiest day you can repeat them a few times or go through your whole affirmation list. I am currently rocking five affirmations.

7. Privacy. You can nurture your affirmations in your own way and in your own time. There are some who believe that not telling others what you’re affirming is important because then they won’t chime in with well-intentioned but still destructive doubts or questions about how you’re going to achieve what you’re affirming.

8. Accessibility. Anywhere, anytime, any way. There are no barriers. Affirmations are an even playing field.

9. Versatility. You can carry a written one around with you. Get a fancy one printed, framed, and display it on your wall. You can record yourself when you’re inspired and play it to yourself when you need a boost. On days I’m worried about loved ones, I empower a sixth one to focus my thoughts in a positive direction. I’ll be writing about that one in a future article. Like I just mentioned, they’re versatile and don’t even have to be about you.

10.Negative self-talk goes bye-bye. I think this is my favorite because the more I empower an affirmation, the more it replaces the part of me that tries to warn me to stay away from what it thinks will hurt me, a.k.a. fear. When a critical, fearful thought comes through repeatedly, I can meet it with an affirmation and tell it that everything is okay. Because it is.

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Are affirmations magic that immediately change your world? Don’t count it out. The more you believe, the more you can live an inspired, seemingly charmed, life. Belief will bring the results you’re looking for. Tap into your belief. Empower it. Let it fill you up and bring a life you’ll pinch yourself over — in a good way.

Here’s a link to one of my favorite affirmations — The Big Gratitude Affirmation.

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