Cheezy Chips Nachos and Garlic Rosemary Tofu or Shrimp.

Design Credit: Gina Briganti

Inspiration for lunch or dinner from my happy table to yours. I’ve made these many times and count on them to please taste buds and nourish the body.

Cheezy Chips Nachos

Corn tortillas, non-dairy cheeze (I like Chao Mexican-Style Shreds, available at Sprouts and Natural Grocers) or your favorite shredded cheese, Quorn meatless pieces (or your favorite meatless or meat choice, cut into cubes), cooked in salsa. Each cheezey chip nacho can be topped with sliced onion, diced tomatoes, avocado slices, or anything else you like.

Plan 4 tortillas for each…

Five Inspiring Things Friday — Vol. 2

Inspiration is contagious and we get to catch up on some of what’s going on in my life.

  1. The exponential value of being close to non-judgmental people. It took 49 years to meet and get close to someone who doesn’t just allow, accept, or tolerate the way other’s live their lives. This is a person who is the definition of humble, which is already extraordinary. Then there’s the healing I’ve been feeling. Everything about my life is improving. Seeing how it’s done has changed the way I think and act. If you have…

That's interesting. I'll be looking that up.

Inspirate With Gina

Inspirate: A made-up word that means to breathe in inspiration and let it embody you. Let’s live an inspired life together.

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