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How can we live an inspired life this week?

This answer* is

Real, actual improvement for your chakras.

Archetypal Chakras by Arnold Bittlinger, was translated from German by Christine M. Grimm. I found this book because Christine M. Grimm is involved in Reiki, which I have been practicing professionally since 2006 and teaching since 2007.

Archetypal Chakras is content-rich. I wrote my…

Your track record is impressive. Hopefully between your experiences and mine other readers will be inspired to try an affirmation for themselves. Thank you for the kudos.

Thank you for the nostalgia and for confirming how even as every day feels the same a shift will happen and we only return to the formative in memory.

I went last year around this time with daughter and granddaughter. I'd love to go again because it is stunning.

Inspirate With Gina

Inspirate: A made-up word that means to breathe in inspiration and let it embody you. Let’s live an inspired life together.

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