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4 min readSep 22, 2021


Graphic design: Gina Briganti

Vegan Soap Sampler from A Joy Forever Bath + Body

Photos by Gina Briganti

This post is not sponsored. I paid for the soap and am sharing it because of the quality, the joy it brings, this company’s dedication to the planet, to animals, and because I appreciate knowing that I will love each soap sent to me.

Descriptions and ingredients are noted when they are from A Joy Forever Vegan Soaps website.

Running out of A Joy Forever soap is an opportunity to order a new vegan soap sampler for a reasonable price. Choosing one or two soaps from the site is near to impossible, which is why I ordered the sampler for the first time. Opening the box was the first part of the fun.

These are the soaps that came in the shipment:


Ingredients as listed on the website: Made with saponified olive oil, RSPO coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, purified water, lavender, lemongrass, vetiver, cedar, patchouli, celery essential oils, celery seed, chromium oxide.

Salted Caramel

I couldn’t find this one on the website, but it smells like salted caramel and that’s good enough for me. I follow A Joy Forever on Facebook and saw a post about how this soap was made when the artisan was dieting and living vicariously through her soaps. It smells wonderful, but there’s no mistaking it for food. I started using the bar and love the exfoliating salt flakes.

Description and ingredients from the website: Fruit, crème, and a bouquet of sexy flowers, is sure to get you (and your main squeeze) totally lathered up!

Featured ingredients: organic shea + mango butters, sweet almond oil, RSPO coconut oil, essential oil blend, organic fruit extracts.

One of my favorite scents from A Joy Forever. Maybe because I love romance and magic? This sample-sized soap is beautiful, but I’m not one to let it sit and be pretty. It will be used. After all, how can I smell delicious and have super soft skin for my love if I leave it sitting on display?

The flower design is delightful and the citrus is uplifting. Citrus is one of my favorite scents ever. I am excited about this soap.

Description and ingredients from the website: Detoxifying blend of activated charcoal, aloe leaf extract, unrefined shea and mango butters, organic olive oil, and herbal essential oil blend.

This one will go into the shower, I think. I love the wavy shape.

Most likely I will gift a few of these because sharing is as enjoyable as keeping them. It’s almost decision time.

Am I excited about soap? I must be because I wrote a tribute to thank artisan soap makers everywhere:

Talent graces sink and tub

Inspires creativity

Artisans once started new

They’ll tell stories of flubs

Narrative broken by raucous laughter

Till one day perfected

Beautiful enough for photos

Scented like heaven must be

Lifting spirits every time we wash

Skin soft like rosy dew

Your inspired (and clean) friend,




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