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4 min readJul 6, 2021

So Delicious Mint Chip (Dairy-Free, No Sugar Added), Nada Moo! Rockiest Road, and So Delicious Oatmilk Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie

Photo Credit: Gina Briganti

This post is not sponsored. I purchased everything reviewed in North Texas stores during the month of June 2021.

As a foodie, Certified Nutrition Consultant, kid at heart, and chocolate lover, I had fun comparing these three desserts. What I’m craving is transcendent flavor, creamy texture, and very low sugar. It’s kind of a tall order, but as long as there is a freezer full of choices I’ll grab a spoon and find out which ones hit the marks.

Here’s my rating scale

Photo credit: Gina Briganti

So Delicious Mint Chip (Dairy-Free, no sugar added)

Hit the mark:

Very low sugar, yet still feels like dessert with 8 g of sugar alcohol.

Refreshing on a hot day.

Sold at Sprouts and Natural Grocers.

Chocolate chips satisfy this chocolate expert.

Great crisp mint flavor that doesn’t remind me of toothpaste.

Missed the mark:

Texture is icy, not creamy.

Strong sugar substitute flavor from erythritol, stevia, and monk fruit extract. This may not be the same for everyone. It seems that I am sensitive, since most people I’ve talked with about this give me that puzzled look when I wince. So, maybe mainly just me on this one.

Rating = 3/5

This brand was a favorite because the sugar-substitute flavor isn’t too prominent in most of the flavors and the sugar is low. But guess what? The reigning brand fell compared spoon to spoon with…

Photo credit: Gina Briganti

Hit the mark:

Excellent flavor.

Lots of marshmallows and they’re gelatin-free, which means I can share with my vegetarian daughter.

Low in sugar with 8g of added sugar for a 2/3 cup serving and it doesn’t taste like it. I didn’t read the nutrition facts before eating (please don’t take my credentials away) and limited my bowl to a few spoons (this is why I get to keep my credentials). In other words, the sweet, rich, chocolate flavor and just-big-enough marshmallows are the indulgent treat I’m looking for.

Many quality ingredients.

Available at Tom Thumb, Natural Grocers, and Whole Foods.

Almond pieces are the perfect size and texture. They’re soft, so I didn’t have to stop and chew a huge almond piece. Those huge nut chunks have been known to ruin the fun if they take over and my dessert is turning into soup while I remind myself that I’m not eating trail mix.

Missed the mark:

A few icy spots interrupted the creamy.

Most dairy-free ingredients lists have guar gum and xanthan gum in them, but Nada Moo has those two plus carrageenan and locust bean gum. Some of these ingredients have caused stomach upset in some people.

Nada Moo! gets 4/5 and I’ll buy this brand again to try more flavors.

Photo credit: Gina Briganti

Hit the mark:

Good chocolate flavor.

Available at Kroger.

Carton finished in a few days.

Made with oat milk, which is a nice change from coconut and soy.

Missed the mark:

Hazelnut flavor is too subtle.

Brownie pieces are gluten-free, but the sugar crunches between my teeth when I chew them. This in an unpleasant sensation.

Considerably more sugar than the first two with 20 g of added sugar for the same 2/3 cup serving.

Star rating = 3/5

The real test comes when the freezer is empty and the mood is strong enough to head out to the store. Either I’ll get the Nada Moo! based on the last two pints I bought, or I’ll give something else a try. And start another review…

Wishing you all the tastiest tastes of Summer.

Your inspired friend,


Photo credit; Gina Briganti



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