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4 min readMar 30, 2021


Applesauce is growing up. In my mind, it was once baby food, a quick snack for the kids, or a soothing soft option after a trip to the dentist. Now that we’re seeing many variations of fruit combinations, it has turned into an on-the-go choice with some tasty and even admirable qualities.

Speaking as a holistic health consultant of 16 years, we’re still talking about processed, packaged food. A puree or similar mixture made at home from hand-selected, flash-frozen or farm fresh, organic produce, is still the first choice. But then there’s the convenience factor, and that’s where Go Go Big Squeez comes in.

Merry Mango (not pictured) was the first flavor I tried and I finished the pouch. The texture is very smooth, as in no lumps at all. It’s clearly sweet only from the sugars naturally occurring in the fruit. As a G.G. who eats very little sugar, I can confirm that it wasn’t too much sugar for a sitting. It tasted like what it is — a blend of fruit, juice, and vanilla. If you’re looking for a predominant mango flavor, you may not find it.

Ingredients: apple, mango, apple puree concentrate, banana, passion fruit juice, lemon juice concentrate, and vanilla.

Peppy Pineapple is my favorite so far. The pineapple flavor comes through and is well-balanced with the rest of the fruit ingredients. Similar to the Merry Mango, you can tell that there isn’t any added sugar, but it is plenty sweet enough. The texture is smooth and pleasant.

Ingredients: apple, apple puree concentrate, pineapple, peach, orange, and lemon juice concentrate.

Rad Raspberry is tart compared to Merry Mango and Peppy Pineapple, probably because the raspberry flavor is very prominent, as I think it should be because of the name. It was the least favorite flavor of the three I tried, but if I was in the mood for raspberry, which doesn’t happen often, I wouldn’t hesitate to reach for this pouch.

Ingredients: apple, apple puree concentrate, raspberry, strawberry, lemon juice concentrate, and vanilla extract.

I would purchase Go Go Big Squeez for a trip to the park, for a drive, to keep in our emergency supplies, and for a quick snack on the way to or from the grocery store.

The pros:

It’s fruit.

There’s no added sugar.

It appeals to kids who may not be interested in grabbing fruit out of the (hopefully, nudge) ever-present bowl they’ve seen every day of their lives since they opened their eyes.

It travels well.

There’s a variety of fruit blends to choose from.

It’s easy to find. I found listings for it at both Target and Walmart, plus you can order it directly from the company for home delivery where they are currently offering free shipping on orders over $49.

Non-Gmo Project verified.

Lots of information on the company website.

Two flavors to a box.

BPA-free pouches.

Priced reasonably at $9.38 for the 10-pack, which includes 2 flavors and $15.76 for the 20-pack. This is from their website on 2/4/21.

It’s G.G. approved. In moderation. It can’t become my grandchild’s only source of nutrition. Or fruit.

The cons:

Organic varieties are only available in the smaller pouches. For now? I hope.



Go go Big Squeez website to explore purchasing options and for more informatio: https://www.gogosqueez.com/big-squeez/

I contacted the company on the website to ask if the fruit is cooked or raw in the pouches, and they answered within a couple of days that the fruit is cooked.

Now for some applesauce trivia, from an article by Erin Nudi, which you can read here — “According to FoodTimeline.org — always a great reference — the Oxford English Dictionary credits the first use of the word applesauce in print to Eliza Smith’s Compleat Housewife, 9th edition, 1769. It accompanied a recipe for duck.”

This review is not sponsored. I received the Merry Mango pouch in my February 2021 Urthbox shipment, which I paid for. Rad Raspberry and Peppy Pineapple were in my March 2021 Urthbox shipment.

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