It’s More Than A Band— Wisdom Wednesday 8

Inspirate With Gina
2 min readMay 12, 2021

When Wednesday arrives it’s time to ask the weekly question — How can we live an inspired life this week?

The card* is journey. For those who are new to the concept of a journey, this is the process of letting your spirit show you what is possible through visions or through the most common form of intuition, clairsentience. Clairsentience means you know something that you shouldn’t be able to know without having been exposed to it somewhere. Any other form of intuition is acceptable, of course. I’m naming the two most common.

Here’s some helpful music to focus on while you slip into a journey and helpful tips. If this drumming doesn’t do what you want it to, play music that does.

Start with at least 30 minutes dedicated to the journey.

Try to be alone and in a quiet environment. If you are with others or there is noise, use earbuds or headphones to listen to the drums.

Focus on the beat along with slow and steady breathing.

Focus on our question — How can I live an inspired life this week? Thank your spirit in advance for showing you the way.

Let your thoughts go wherever they want to.

Be patient with yourself if you are new or haven’t taken a journey in awhile.

Lay back or sit up, whichever feels the most comfortable.

Open up and let the information come in.

Happy journeying!

Your inspired friend,


*This card was drawn from the Inspirate With Gina deck, written by Gina Briganti.

It’s where I go to seek the wisdom of our higher power, guides, and ancestors. They blazed a trail, and want to see us live our most inspired life. The cards are an easy space for them to communicate



Inspirate With Gina

Inspirate: A made-up word that means to breathe in inspiration and let it embody you. Let’s live an inspired life together.