Making It — Wisdom Wednesday 17

Inspirate With Gina
2 min readJul 14, 2021

How can we live an inspired life this week?*

Design credit: Gina Briganti
Card design: Gina Briganti

The message:

Use your creative energy to make something tangible.

Get out of the thinking/planning phase. It’s time to put the materials together, put the time in, and let your creative energy out to play.

If you haven’t picked up your art in a while, here’s a sign that it could help bring back the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Make time for your creative works in progress this week or as soon as you can.

Fill yourself with inspiration and let it energize your craft, gardening, painting, writing, music, sewing, designs, photography, cooking, videos, etc.

For me, this is a call to get into the kitchen and play with almond flour for a new cookie I’ve been formulating, Or on the savory side, the yuzu ponzu sauces I’ve been experimenting with.

Inspiration is contagious. It will infuse what you make. It will infuse you. And it will inspire those experience your creations and you. That’s what I call effective.

Your inspired friend,


This card was drawn from the Inspirate With Gina deck, written by Gina Briganti.

It’s where I go to tap into the wisdom of our higher power, guides, and ancestors. They blazed a trail, and want to see us live our most inspired life. The cards are an easy space for them to communicate.

Photo credit: Gina Briganti’s Love



Inspirate With Gina

Inspirate: A made-up word that means to breathe in inspiration and let it embody you. Let’s live an inspired life together.