Why You Are The Key To Your Success — Wisdom Wednesday 5

How can we live an inspired life this week?

The card* is:

Trust In Yourself.

You are the only one who knows every aspect of how you relate to your life. You are also the only one who lives your life every day. Your intuition, talents, skills, and instincts are your own.

Give yourself permission to do what you know is right. Trust yourself to find the optimal words, motivation, inspiration, actions, and timing every time you make a decision this week.

This is exciting!

Your inspired friend,


More inspiration for building self-trust:

*This card was drawn from the Inspirate With Gina deck, written and designed by me.

It’s where we go to tap into the wisdom of our higher power, guides, and ancestors. They blazed a trail and want to see us live our most inspired life. The cards are an easy way for them to communicate.

Inspirate: A made-up word that means to breathe in inspiration and let it embody you. Let’s live an inspired life together.

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